Afrispoor Caravans & Trailers

Click Here To Visit Africa Tough & Reliable from our Personal Experience. Afrispoor Caravans & Trailers are high quality, fully functional, off-road camping machines built tough and reliable to suit Africa’s rugged conditions. Our hassle-free features will provide you with all you need to be comfortable and enjoy your safari adventures into Africa, while our innovative, tailored designs ensure an exceptionally organised journey, no matter where the adventure takes you!

Abba Campers

Click Here To Visit Concept of an Abba Safari Camper Abba Safari Camper is a user friendly camping concept fitted onto your every day workhorse within minutes. 30 to be exact. It is the ultimate luxury safari camper and the only way to go on a bush holiday. A safari camper is not a new or unique concept but we redefined and perfected it to deliver on all round luxury, convenience and ease of use. With special emphasis placed on easy installation and removal. We have spent many years designing and modifying the camper to suit any over land and touring needs. We have worked with a no compromise attitude and the end result reflects a hard working product that can go anywhere from the Kruger Park to deepest darkest Africa. As part of the development process the camper has been put through its paces in Angola on a trip from Kunene to Congo. It has conquered the dunes and sand roads of Botswana and has effortlessly toured the Kruger Park impressing all with the type of hassle free set up/break up that one looks for when touring.

Al-Ko Trailco

Click Here To Visit, Jockey Wheels, Spring Packs, Tow Hitches, Rims & Tyres, Brake Spares, Sigma II + Beta

Aloe Caravans & Motorhomes

Click Here To Visit Aloe is indigenous to Southern Africa and is tough enough to survive some of the harshest conditions. Inspired by the Aloe plants, Aloe Caravans are durable and strong- making them the ideal off road companion. Celebrating the diversity of the different kinds of Aloes, each caravan model is named after a type of aloe. Our current product line starts with the smaller caravan named Camperi and ranges to our larger caravan Striata and Lebombo models. Aloe Caravans also manufactures Motorhomes (Off-road and tar road versions). Please contact us directly for further information.

Armadillo Aluminium off road Trailer | Eko Veld Gear

Click Here To Visit VELD GEAR manufactures quality 4x4 trailers and canopy campers. We offer a wide variety of products and services aimed at the 4x4 enthusiasts. We really believe that giving a customer the best quality at yet still affordable prices is the key ingredient to our products. With the knowledge and experience EKO VELD GEAR has we are able to manufacture products to the customer’s specific needs and requirements. We specialize in the following: Armadillo Aluminium off road Trailer / Canopy Campers / Eko Wing

Big Country 4 X 4

Click Here To Visit Country 4×4 is the coming together of a number of well-known brands; African Outback , Big Country and Summit Trailers. The company has a manufacturing facility in Waltloo Pretoria and a sales / fitment centre in Northriding Randburg. The company has an extremely popular product offering of properly engineered and well made products which are sold primarily through our dealer network partners worldwide. The products are also available direct to the public direct from the factory shop in Randburg. The cornerstone of the product offering is the well-known African Outback aluminium canopy. The canopy product line is well supported by a significant range of Drawer systems, Roofracks, Awnings and many other general accessories. Driven by adventure and a passion to see our customers enjoying the benefits of our efforts, we refuse to compromise on quality in the pursuit of low prices.

Bev-Tent | REB Marketing

Click Here To Visit manufacture a large range of fittings for keelboats, sailing dinghies, power boats, semi-ridged inflatables, canoes and kayaks. We recently started manufacturing plastic and stainless steel fittings for tents, trailers, caravans and campers. All our plastic fittings are manufactured from the highest quality Nylons, Acetyl resins, A.B.S. and various other plastic materials. We only use 316 Stainless Steel and various non-ferrous metals for the metal fittings.

Bush Lapa Off Road Caravans

Click Here To Visit http://www.bushlapa.comLet Bush Lapa blow your mind. It's the ingenious offroad trailer/caravan solution for the adventurer who travels off the beaten track but likes fuss-free convenience. Think light. Think 4x4. Think compact. Think queen sized bed. Think 10 minute set-up, fully equipped kitchen and long lasting rust resistance. That is exactly what the engineers at Bush Lapa were thinking when they started developing their revolutionary offroad trailer/caravan combos. They had to be light and compact enough to look like a trailer that's just as agile as your 4x4, but engineered well enough to give you all the comfort and convenience of a caravan. Mission accomplished...thanks to years of experience in the engineering and trailer building business and a dedicated team of engineering, management and production staff. It doesn't matter whether you use your Bush Lapa for a fast-paced offroad tour or simply want to set up camp in the outdoors. Once you have a Bush Lapa, you'll never again travel without it.

Bags 4 U

Click Here To Visit 2 June 2006, we bought the bags factory. Our products are well known at Outdoor Expo’s and various Markets. Bags for customers are supplied nationwide and our first "exports" have been to CAR, Canada, Uganda and Germany. BAGS-4- U manufactures high quality Polyteen bags for schools, businesses, individuals, for outdoor activities, gifts, medical profession, corporate and sport institutions. Quality distinguish our products from less expensive imported products. We develop and design new bags ourselves and makes it to suit you!

BFGoodrich Tyres

Click Here To Visit BFGoodrich Tyre legacy began with Dr Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, self-taught entrepreneur and visionary, who founded the company in 1870. In later years, this company would become of the greatest, most recognisable names in the Tyre Industry. At the core of the BFGoodrich brand lies the challengers and achievements that have enabled us to make daily life easier for motorists, and to make driving a safer, more enjoyable activity. To achieve this goal, thousands of employees draw on their creativity and resourcefulness to develop high performance products, resulting in leading a whole segment of the Car Industry. At BFGoodrich, we manufacture tyres for people who want to unlock the full potential and capabilities of their vehicles, but above all, want to enjoy their ride. If you have been bitten by the driving bug, you are one of us! Our tyres are developed by true enthusiasts who live and breathe the brand, whether they are spending their weekends doing battle on rocky roads or pounding the asphalt on race tracks all over the world. Their skills have been rewarded with titles in every competition the brand has entered, from rallies to off-road racing to the dusty roads of Baja and everything in between! They are the key players in the process, ensuring that technology is transferred from racing cars to mass-produced vehicles, enabling BFGoodrich to bring its customers tyres that take from the very technologies used mainly in the world competition, and which are guarantees of performance, quality and durability!


Click Here To Visit tents and awnings are locally designed and manufactured in South Africa to top quality standards against patented designs. We here at BunduTec, like all campers out there, believe that you should spend every free moment in the bush. Unfortunately this does not happen as often as we wish. Most campers can only slip away on a much needed break over weekends and short holidays. That fantastic three week adventure only comes once a year for a few of us. With this in mind, BunduTec’s first products were designed around efficiency and proper use of space. Many a camper have jokingly teased us to be lazy, but the fact remains that BunduTec products are ready to use in seconds and you could be sipping your beer while other campers are still pitching camp. Our tents are designed to be strong, durable and easy to use, and offer luxuries like LED lighting, plugs inside the tent and optional solar wiring. As a result they are fast to pitch and can be opened or closed single handedly within 30 seconds without hassle. Those short weekends away will be considerably improved when you spend less time setting up camp and more time watching sunsets and doing game drives. The same apply to those long overland safari’s where you need to move camp almost every day. Whether a luxurious electric rooftop tent that does all the work for you or a simple and easy to use flip rooftop tent that even the wife can pitch, we offer easy to use products that will improve your outdoors experience. No more dusty covers, struggling with tent awnings or having to lug the bedding around. Feel free to take a look at our products above and decide for yourself which you prefer

BonBraai - Unite around a braai

Click Here To Visit“The Bon Braai, the most unique table top braai. What is unique about this table top braai is that the compact design of the braai allows you to braai on a wooden or even a plastic table top. The Bon Braai is a lightweight stainless steel, 5kg, circle design with a diameter of 45cm that makes transporting, setup and cleaning easy.”

Camp Cover

Click Here To Visit Camp Cover range was developed in 2005 to supply exceptional quality, robust and practical protection covers for 4×4, outdoor and camping equipment. More than two decades later we are proud to say we still hold this vision. Camp Cover products will ensure damage and wear and tear on expensive equipment is kept to a minimum and simultaneously provides innovative storage solutions. We make use of only the most durable raw materials and uphold the highest workmanship and design standards. Celebrating 25 Years We are celebrating 25 years in the outdoor industry with a new updated look! Whilst we are still making use of superior quality raw materials, you will notice unique details added to our products. Our entire range of bags are manufactured in quality ripstop materials, heavy duty webbing & trims, industrial threads and heavy duty linings. Our aim is to supply you with a distinguished range of covers and bags of unquestionable quality and exceptional workmanship you can expect from a Camp Cover product. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee If any purchased Camp Cover products fails to live up to your expectations, we will replace the products or refund your purchase immediately.

Camp Master

Click Here To Visit MASTER is the reliable authentic South African outdoor and camping brand. Our product range includes tents, camping furniture (chair, table and storage), trailers, sleeping bags, coolers, fridges, clothing and accessories. CAMP MASTER. Adventure by Design.

CJ Aircons

Click Here To Visit over 13 years’ experience, Jacques know all makes of Caravan models by heart and can provide professional service and installations at your premises . Our Clients and back up service is our main focus and a priority. Our client mean the world and must always be treated like kings. “Happy client - happy Jacques and Cindy”. Our installations are pure perfection and quality proven. Cindy also comes out of the Caravan industry and that’s why our team is so powerfull! You most probably have seen our company sticker on a lot of compressor unit in a caravan nose-compartments at a camp site – have a good look and you will see thousands of them! We fully understand the Caravan Industry together with the demand and needs of a camper. We are campers ourselves and love the outdoor life. We are the proud owners of our own 97 Gypsey Raven with our own Aircon in it – What a pleasure! We have heat when it’s cold and cold when it’s too hot to handle!

Conqueror Caravans & Trailers

Click Here To Visit Manufacturers, the thoughtful designer and manufacturer of the Conqueror off-road camper has a passionate and in depth understanding of what off-road capabilities really mean and providing absolute attention to finer detail is what makes Mega Manufacturers a company with superior vision and design excellence. The Conqueror off-road camper, product of mega manufacturer's finest combination of skills, brings you the ultimate & original off-road camper. Wisely engineered & craft fully born of fifteen years experience in the manufacturing of off-road and military products, the conqueror off-road products are much more than just trailers, combining the latest technology and fine choice of materials with designer intelligence, these mobile marvels are extremely light and durable with a heavy off-road suspension, handbrake and auto reverse couplers, allowing you to take them everywhere. Each model is fully equipped with a choice of modules, providing everything you will need to enjoy the outdoors in the finest of comfort & style. Inclusive of features like the gas cooker and the fridge, warm water geyser, the generator and the maintenance free battery pack, conqueror off-road campers safely sleeps up to six people in spacious comfort and an adventure of out door grace. The conqueror off-road camper sports a combination of features that easily assemble in a few, trouble-free minutes, giving you more time to enjoy the pleasure of a hassle free holiday. If you are looking for the ultimate off-road experience and comfort, the conqueror campers are made to suit the soul of your outdoor adventuring needs .

Destination Caravans

Click Here To Visit your dream and tick off your caravan bucket list with this 4 berth beauty. It’s a double axle dream featuring a 12 000BTU aircon-inverter, queen size bed, toilet, shower, retractable outside kitchen and a variety of other great features to make your holiday a time of complete bliss and comfort. Live your dream by purchasing a Dream from Destination Caravans. Configure your perfect caravan by adding accessories such as the CTEK CTX 12v Battery Sense, a rally tent and a rearview bluetooth camera so that you can see exactly what’s happening behind you. Then you’ll be all set for the perfect holiday. Realise your dream today! Why wait?

Dometic South Africa

Click Here To Visit is known as the supplier of high quality products with a high degree innovation. Dometic enables mobile people all over the world to be away from home without compromising on comfort. While the strength of the Dometic brand was born on the invention of absorption technology, it has grown to include awnings, climate control products, sanitation products and windows/doors that stand on their own as quality representatives of a truly global brand. All products and services strive to provide a better user experience, based on thoughtfully designed innovations. Dometic works close to customers to get a true understanding for the context in which our solutions are needed. That is how we are able to provide a full range of technological superior, high quality products – from medical boxes for vaccine transports to mobile sanitation products, refrigerators and climate control solutions, as well as outstanding after sales service. The Dometic brand is today associated with market leadership, comfort and strength. People entrust their adventures to Dometic, the world leader in comfort. Dometic is a part of the Dometic Group.

EasyAxe Woodsplitter

Click Here To Visit is an EazyAxe? It's efficient design, with optimal blade angles makes it super effective. Why is it the best way to split wood? It's efficient design, with optimal blade angles makes it super effective. What makes the EasyAxe unique? It is professionally constructed using thick solid steel and designed for safety and efficiency. It's sturdiness ensures that it is safe to make kindling as small as 1cm x 1cm.

Epa! Fresh, Uncooked Sauces & Pastes

Click Here To Visit a family table sauce for many years it became very popular when introduced to Lapa-Lago Restaurant in Dongane Resort, Mozambique and patrons insisted on buying in larger volumes in order to take away. Epa! sauces distinguishes itself from the competition’s products by being uncooked, lemon based, made with fresh ingredients and containing no preservatives. The idea behind the uncooked sauce is to minimise the effort of food preparation and to have an easy frying, cook-in, marinade, basting, salad dressing and table sauce. The initial product – Epa! Lemon Zing is a mild very flavourful sauce and has been sold in and from the restaurant since March 2010. Through requests and popular demand from our numerous South African customers we come to the conclusion that it will be an extremely viable business to start with larger production of the sauces in South Africa, keeping the Mozambique ties for future export opportunity. In March 2012 the company identified suitable premises next to the N4 outside Sudwala, 33km’s from Nelspruit, and started production. An integral part of the marketing strategy and brand awareness for Epa! is to focus on direct sales to the public at numerous festivals throughout South Africa and neighbouring Countries. We have since expanded our range of sauces to 8 delicious fresh multi-purpose products as well as an amazing complimentary fresh Range of multi-purpose Pastes. Epa! = Wow! ( The exclamation once you taste the freshness!)

ECHO 4x4 Center: Caravans & Trailers

Click Here To Visit in 1984, Echo 4x4 were one of the pioneers in the outdoor lifestyle products category. Being a new marketplace at the time in South Africa, Echo 4x4 is now established as a powerhouse in the development of high quality, tough products such as off road trailers, innovative caravans, conditioned quad trailers and many more products in the 4x4 wheel drive industry. National Tent & Sails (NTS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Echo 4x4, and has the same stringent quality controls and strives to constantly deliver great quality tents and other canvas goods. Both businesses build and market their products throughout Africa, Europe, Australia and other countries across the globe. Echo 4x4 and NTS is owned by husband and wife, Willie & Rochelle Grobler. The couple have a dedicated and hardworking force behind them of over 200 employees to guarantee you the highest quality products. Willie, Rochelle and their team have built over 10,000 trailers to date and are highly regarded as leaders in the manufacturer of tough, durable and innovative off road products. These products are also renowned for holding their value and are eagerly sought after in the second hand market should one become available.


Click Here To Visit was launched 9 years ago by Mitchell Gie in Cape Town. Initially our lifestyle products were only ever seen at lifestyle shows but we have since introduced an online shop and have expanded to become a National company with sales and service teams across the Country. ePromo searches the globe internationally and locally to find the most innovative, high-quality products to make your life as comfortable and convenient as possible. We are proud of the fact that we import directly – we supply the stores – and in this way can guarantee you the best prices for the best quality.

Endless Vision Drinking Water Pumps

Click Here To Visit philosophy is to sell a quality product that will perform its functions effortlessly first time round, hence “Making Life Easier”. Our Main objective is to create a new and exciting sub category that will further drive profitability within the consumer bottled water category. Our product is new to the market and is convenient and easy to use, hence “Making Life Easier”. We have secured an exclusive distributor agreement with a Chinese Manufacturer that we believe is the right partner to collaborate with and who will supply us with a good quality product that we can sell locally. We have over 50 years’ worth of experience within the FMCG Industry. Our staff compliment is small; however we have the necessary skills and experience that will enable us to deliver a service to the industry that meets a very high standard.


Click Here To Visit FIAMMA and a new world will be ready for you: bike carriers, awnings, first-class accessories, everything gets simpler and more efficient with Fiamma. Fiamma is the leading company for Motorhome fans and for the outdoor lifestyle. You can trust the quality and depend on service tat Fiamma has established over the last 60 years, producing outstanding precision engineered RV accessories. The Fiamma trademark is a guarantee for quality and Fiamma is ISO 9001 certified. You are in good hands because Fiamma offers you only reliable and safe products, that give you many years of dependability. This is why Fiamma is the leading brand recommended by industry experts. Choose Fiamma products with confidence and your outdoor lifestyle will be more comfortable! Fiamma's range of products is imported and distributed for the Southern African region by Motorhome-World. Enjoy your holidays!


Click Here To Visit Energies (Pty) Ltd is a South African company located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since 2005 we design, manufacture and supply solar energy solutions for applications where traditional glass solar panels are not suitable and fail. Our products and solutions are sold in Africa, Middle East, Australia, Europe and North America. Our rollable and foldable solar panels have won several comparative reviews by Outdoor magazines. Flexopower Energies (Pty) Ltd is a registered OEM manufacturer for the South African National Defence Forces (SANDF) and works with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on technology for Special Operations. We supply the SANDF, Botswana and Namibia Defence.

Goods Shed Trading

Click Here To Visit are a local business based in the Goods Shed in Mossel Bay. All our products sold at the shop help to improve your life.

Infinity Stainless Steel

Click Here To Visit Infinity stainless steel range represents the culmination of years of experience in the manufacturing of Stainless Steel items for Braai / BBQ, Bathroom or Kitchen.

Invader Off-Road Campers

Click Here To Visit to the Invader! Step inside the Invader off- road camper and you have the space, quality and comfort of a caravan. Yet when ready to travel, it is a rugged, heavy duty 4X4 off-road trailer with attitude. Fulfilling the needs of an adventurer who wants ease and comfort, the Invader is equally at home in a caravan park or travelling Africa's roads. Both men and women love the Invader! With comfortable beds, hot/cold water, vanity basin, portable toilet, shower, ample cupboards and a fully fitted kitchen with microwave, gas stove and fridge/freezer, women and children feel taken care of. Let the soft interior not mislead you, as the ease of towing, quick set up time, light weight as well as rugged off-road capabilities, impress the men. And when they arrive at their destiny they can set up camp quickly. With more than 50 years of combined camping experience, the Invader team gives priority to the camper's needs with a focus on detail where it counts. For this and much more, take a step inside the world of Invader!

Jack Hub - Jack it | Wrench it | Pump it

Click Here To Visit About Us Juckhub is an innovative company providing you with solutions for your everyday problems. We Live in a world where time is valuable, and being stranded next to the road is a personal safety hazard. Our range of products are versatile, durable and easy to use, giving you a hassle free road side experience.

LeBusha Trailers

Click Here To Visit http://www.lebushatrailers.comManufacturers of Leisure - Commercial - Farming - Vending - Marine - Bike and Custom Trailers since 2000. SABS and E.NATIS Approved. LeBusha Trailers constructs your trailer with top grade components and materials. With knowledge and excellent workmanship, we ensure that your trailer meets all legal requirements and more. Your LeBusha manufactured trailer is designed and customised to suit your budget and requirements...or choose from our standard range. Since 2017 we started making custom drawer systems for SUV's and Bakkies. We also do custom canvas work, Trailer restorations and vehicle fitment.

Lumeno LED

Click Here To Visit more than 30 years in the industry we have managed to source high quality products from Germany, Korea, China and Australia and some of our products are manufactured locally and hold the Proudly South African status. All our products are available directly from our offices in Johannesburg and from all major exhibitions in and around the country including Beeld Show, Getaway, Huntex, L.A. Sport, Nampo and Kyknet. Fox and Sons has recently become the importers and sole distributor for a range of outdoor and 4 x 4 products and accessories. These are all available from most 4 x 4 fitment and accessory stores and leading outdoor camping and caravan outlets. We specialise in LED Lights, spot lights, light bars, LED accessories, battery powered lights and vehicle accessories. We are the sole distributor of Maxtrax. Our products are available throughout South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.


Click Here To Visit http://www.motorhome-world.comMotorhome-World is a motorhome manufacturing and sales company manufacturing motorhomes of a high standard. Situated in Atlantis, Cape Town, the company is geared towards delivering motorhomes to the standard that is required and demanded by todays modern traveller. Only top grade materials are used and our modern spacious designs will appeal to the customer who wants to make the most of this great life-style. Motorhome-World was established in 2001 to give the customer more choice and options on the South African market at a competitive price. We want to design your dream and wishes by using our vast experience and manufacturing know-how. European standards have been integrated into the building and design while not forgetting the unforgiving circumstances that Southern Africa can present. Click through our site and see what we can offer you. Please do not forget to contact us should you need any information. We will be more than glad to assist you in your choice and the many available options.

Max Consumables

Click Here To Visit manufacture and market innovative product solutions for camping equipment.


Click Here To Visit of the MadKon Portable Braai

4 X 4 Mega World

Click Here To Visit Mega World is a leading manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 and camping accessories in South Africa. We have a wide national footprint of 11 branches and 13 franchisees. Both our sales and technical staff have strong industry backgrounds with real world experience, ensuring that you always get the right advice and quality service. 4x4 Mega World are today a widely recognised distributor and fitment centre of aftermarket 4WD accessories as well as stockists of quality camping gear in South Africa. In fact we are ARB's largest privately-owned distributor in the world, as well as being their sole distributor for Africa. We stock and fit high quality 4WD aftermarket brands such as ARB, Old Man Emu, Engel, Desert Products, IPF, TMAX, RSI SmartCanopy, Alu-Cab, Front Runner and Mellvill & Moon, as well as a wide range of camping accessories such as Oztent and KORR Lighting.

Mobi Lodge

Click Here To Visit http://www.mobilodge.comThe design brief was to have more practical space inside than a double axle caravan but with a proper island bed, spacious permanent bathroom, lovely kitchen, less than 5 minutes setup time and most importantly; 32" wheels and 500cm ground clearance with true go-everywhere capability. So, with the Mobi Lodge you do not need both a luxury tar caravan as well as an off-road tent-with-wheels anymore - now you can enjoy one new generation product in Botswana, Namib, Richtersveld and Mosambique and the very next trip take your Mobi Lodge to a luxury camp in the Kruger, Ballito or Stormsriviermond with every luxury you might need. Customize your Mobi Lodge exactly as per your needs, tow it with ease to any destination you want and enjoy space and comfort that was not previously possible: This is what we call - clever camping!

Michelin Tyres

Click Here To Visit leader in the manufacturing of reliable performance tyres, Michelin has been present in South Africa since 1943 in various forms and structures. However Michelin Tyre Company South Africa – as we know it today - officially started trading locally in 1998 which made 2008 a key year as we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. Throughout the years, our growth has accelerated across all Michelin product ranges: Passenger vehicles, Trucks, Earthmover machinery, Infra, Agricultural vehicles and 2-Wheel motorbikes. This is largely due to the technological leadership of our products that are unanimously recognized in South Africa and across the rest of the world. The passion and commitment shown by Michelin staff has also set us apart. Our regional head office is located in Boksburg, Johannesburg, South Africa. We have warehouses that are located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. We cover South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana. Michelin's total number of staff is approximately 100 people, with 45 road-staff and the remainder as back-office staff.

Maxmo Campers

Click Here To Visit https://www.maxmo.lifeThank you for visiting Maxmo Campers - we are excited to present to you these carefully selected options and believe that it should compliment many a dream to tour and explore! More and more South Africans are joining the "Camp where you drive" movement: Great to have a quality kitchen and toilet handy wherever you are, wether it be holiday, sport or even the school run. It is lighter, safer and much more economical than having to tow something, but also surprisingly roomy and versitile! The Full Size Campers will always be on the wish list for the decerning customer who wants to tour longer distances over longer periods of time The Cross-over Campers also have great advantages with great versitality over the week and weekend alike and will keep many a family happy and active. The optional X-Pack versions might very well be the perfect tourer, developed for Southern African touring conditions Then there is the Swiss Army knife of campers in the form of the Campy - sporty and nimble, but with up to 2.1m standing headroom with a fridge and stove and sleeping for up to four persons! Enjoy our range, have fun in preparing the spec of your own Maxmo right here on the website and please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or a demo. You can also follow the Maxmo newsletter on our Facebook page

Mystical Fire SA

Click Here To Visit Fire is a fire novelty item that will add excitement by providing colorful flames for any wood burning fire. It’s the best campfire novelty product on the market today and you’ll be amazed by the vibrant colors produced. The colorful flames of this campfire novelty turn from red to blue to green to violet and can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Motor King & Marine

Click Here To Visit are a family business in Pretoria that has been blessed to stay in business for over 44 years with Leon Odendaal as you skipper in charge. Nico Barnard is Leon’s Son in Law and Right hand man, together they will make your boating dreams come true. We are the Home of Parsun and Tohatsu outboard engines and we supply 51 dealers across South Africa with over 6 300 units sold already. Tohatsu represents 90% of the engines during the grueling Trans Agulhas annual rubber duck racing, a true testimony of this products power, quality and longevity. We are Mercury agents and also stock Evenrude E-Tec. Any of these engines on our in house design 18ft Infinity or 19ft Sun Price and Sea-Doo Jet ski’s will take your breath away while Polaris and Linhai Rustler Quad bikes and side-by-side quads takes care of the action on solid ground. Not forgetting your fisherman, check out our Dux Inflatable range 3.0m – 4.2m inflatable rubber boats and trolling motors. Through in a Lowrance fishfinder and GPS and that elusive “Big One” wont get away. Liani Odendaal is the Queen of spares and will take care of all your spare parts and accessory needs with the help of newly appointed Ruan Botha they are a mean team. With such a big variety on ski’s, tubes, wakeboards, ski ropes, life jackets and many more you have to come see it to believe it. All the big brand names under all the right prices guaranteed. Liza Odendaal handles our accounts department and Hendrik le Roux is our workshop manager taking care of engine services and technical issues. Brand new or second hand, land or sea, we are your one stop boating shop all under one roof, so come and let us be part of your adventure.

National Sea Rescue Institute

Click Here To Visit Rescue is the charity that saves lives on South African waters. The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is run by over 1 000 highly skilled, unpaid volunteers who are on standby day and night throughout the year. Donations and sponsorships cover our annual running cost of R73.4m. The volunteers save us a salary bill in excess of R250m per annum. We have 31 bases around the coast; 4 are on inland dams, a fleet of 96 rescue craft, 38 rescue vehicles, 16 quad bikes and 11 tractors. We also have access to a range of helicopters. We enjoy a good working relationship with other emergency services and we believe that it is through team effort that lives are saved.

Okto Caravans

Click Here To Visit was founded by a group of dedicated caravan experts who have been involved in the industry for many years. Their passion for caravanning, combined with the opportunity to bring something new and different to the South African market, forged them together to create a new, exciting product for local caravanners. OKTO Caravans is a manufacturer of lightweight caravans. The company uses the latest manufacturing machinery and European construction technology, tempered with some South African robustness, to build a caravan that will be unique in the South African market. The team is committed to designing a practical caravan with a distinct style and elegance, to make caravanning an adventure for the whole family. In putting our caravans together, we will partner with other industry players, bringing together the best knowledge and experience with German -like efficiency to ensure a product of the highest quality. By honouring our promise to deliver a great product, we are building a brand that caravanners in South Africa will love and trust.


Click Here To Visit, a global premium flashlight manufacturer, is proud to introduce a new, defensive take on the popular M18 Maverick. The M18 Striker uses the same compact form of the Maverick, but features a simplified user interface, instant access to 800 lumens, and aggressive bezel for a last-resort defensive tool.

OZtrail SA

Click Here To Visit no.1 outdoor brand in Australia. Great quality, innovation and comfort. For your peace of mind, OZtrail products are backed with a local 2 year warranty. In 2008 Seagull Industries were appointed official distributors and after-sales agents for OZtrail. Seagull Industries (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned manufacturing, importing, exporting and distribution company. Our head quarters are based in Atlantis, Cape Town , where we boast a 9500m2 factory, showroom and warehousing facilities. Oztrail, also a privately owned business, has been at the forefront of innovation and design in the outdoor industry. The manufacturing side of the company consists of two divisions. The Stitching Division produces Rainwear and more up-market Baby Waterproof pants. The High Frequency PVC Welding Plant manufactures a range of Above-ground Swimming Pools, Inflatables, Cooler bags, Ice Bricks, Air Jacks, Baby Waterproof Pants and Promotional branded Inflatable items. In recent years the growth we have experienced has taken us across South Africa and into international markets. The Company is listed with all the Major Retail Stores as well as many Wholesalers, Independents and Hardware Stores. Brands include Seagull, Bestway, Run-o-Mac and OZtrail.

The Outsider | Wolverine SA

Click Here To Visit over 130 years, the Wolverine brand has been the sturdy sole that helped shape a nation. We are born of work. Hard work. The kind of work it takes to build the things that endure for generations. Our storied and unwavering legacy in work continues to build our future.

The Bluebox - Pegasus Homeopathics

Click Here To Visit Remedies in the The Bluebox Kit™ provides 28 easy-to-use remedies, together with a comprehensive information booklet to treat a wide variety of everyday ailments. The kit also contains a small bottle of herbal antiseptic solution for use on cuts and abrasions. The conditions covered include allergies, hay fever, sinus congestion, colic, teething, nausea, diarrhoea, shock, indigestion, coughs and colds, sore throats, headaches, constipation, insect stings and bites, morning sickness, dizziness, injuries and many more.

Parkas On Demand

Click Here To Visit!

Pen Pusher

Click Here To Visit Pusher acts as a hammer and holding device simultaneously without kneeling or sitting down. No more shocking or hurting hands with a hammer.

Parasol SA

Click Here To Visit Autohome, Fiamma, Alden and Motorhome-World products, all under on umbrella - online. Find what you need for your caravan, off-roader or motorhome, all on-line. Delivery country wide. Parasol is also proud to announce the arrival of Europe's best-selling roof tent, the Autohome Maggiolina range. Now availabe in South Africa.


Click Here To Visit powerful than a fan | EASY on the environment | more Economical than A/C: Port•A•Cool® portable evaporative cooling units employ the same natural cooling process, using forced air over watersoaked evaporative cooling pads to reduce temperatures up to 10ºC and cools up to 370m with the largest unit, or choose a smaller model for tight spaces. Available in a variety of models to suit your office, industrial or personal cooling needs.

Quantum Leisure Luxury Caravans

Click Here To Visit being in the manufacturing industry for the past 22 years, we decided it was time for a new challenge. With all the skills and machinery already available – combined with a passion for outdoor and camping – a new caravan was born. This resulted in the Quantum Leisure range of luxury caravans that is practical, affordable and of high quality.With our luxury caravans we want to make the camping experience as easy as possible. By moving some main parts of the kitchen outside, you can use your gas stove and basin by only pulling out a drawer. We also incorporated a bunker bed system – saving space – but giving the kids their own beds!


Click Here To Visit was developed from the culmination of many years of R & D and on-going customer feedback from various sectors of the outdoor tenting market. This high quality canvas is manufactured in an ISO accredited plant using the latest technology in both equipment and chemistry. The ISO management system ensures that the highest levels of quality and consistency are maintained on an on-going basis. RIPTECH has been designed to deal with the harsh climatic conditions experienced throughout Africa, and will exceed your expectations in both quality and performance. RIPTECH is the first Branded canvas, proudly manufactured in SA . RIPTECH is manufactured in 3 different categories relating to the weight of the canvas, ensuring that there is a perfect solution for your specific application. Namely; RIPTECH 300, RIPTECH 400 and RIPTECH 500.

Safari SA - Trekking Harness

Click Here To Visit http://www.safarisa.netSAFARI SA is the sole distributor of the Trekking binocular and camera harnesses as well as all the Trekking camera straps in South Africa. We offer the best prices on all the Trekking harnesses and camera straps, Just to mention a few of the Trekking products: Safari Sport harness, Safari Classic harness, Safari Pro harness, Tropical Classic harness, Tropical Pro + harness, Safari Pro + harness, Safari Swing up for two harness, camera neck strap, swing up camera strap, sliding camera strap, dual kit strap, Cross system harness, small straps, wrist straps, hand straps, leather hand straps as well as the Trekking camera bag. We offer a two year guarantee on all Trekking products. SAFARI SA also offers you the best prices on all Vortex binoculars, Vortex Rifle Scopes, Vortex Red Dot Scopes, Vortex Spotting scopes, Vortex range finder, Vortex Monocular. As well as the best prices on all Swarovski binoculars, Swarovski rifle scopes and Swarovski spotting scopes


Click Here To Visit Scampi Braai is modular; therefore any component may be individually replaced if required (which is seldom necessary). The functionality of the braai will never be lost. The designer of Scampi Braai has been using his braai in excess of 18 years. The braai and all components are manufactured from aluminium and are therefore completely RUST and CORROSION free. The components that are colour coded are anodised – the colour will therefore last longer than on conventional braai’s. The Scampi Braai is available in a variety of colours and can be mixed and matched to your own preferences. A Carry Bag is available for portability. The Scampi Braai is very economical; briquette consumption is 2.5 Kg briquettes that burn for 3 to 4 hours braai time.

Summit Caravans & Trailers

Click Here To Visit (Glamorous Camping) has a name: Summit’s Kilimanjaro Big Country 4x4 in conjunction with their sister company Summit Trailers will be launching their off road aluminium caravan the Kilimanjaro. The Kilimanjaro distinguishes from other off road caravans on the following: 1. The entire caravan shell is manufactured from aluminium and composite light weight panelling. This results in a strong lightweight off road caravan. The insulation properties of composites outperforms steel. 2. The caravan has an optional flush toilet. 3. The roof of the caravan lifts electrically. Ideal for older campers. 4. Unlike the conventional style off road campers fold out bed the Kilimanjaro’s large spacious bed (2.1m x 1.8m) has exceptional head height. 5. The Kilimanjaro is packed with luxury turning camping in to glamping. (Glamorous Camping) Rest assured the Kilimanjaro boasts Summits build quality and attention to detail. Be sure to ask about their Show Price


Click Here To Visit Snomaster you will find a wide range of products from 12 Volt Fridges and Freezers for the outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, to Solar Powered Refrigerators and Freezers, Domestic and Industrial Ice Makers, Wine Chillers, Beverage Coolers, Water Dispensers and much more... All Snomaster products are developed and manufactured to suite our African market requirements as our customers needs are priority. Snomaster's Head Office is based in Johannesburg with a wide network of dealers throughout Africa. Service, quality and affordability is our main concern as we strive to simplify our customers lifestyles by continually developing new products and improving on existing products with valuable feedback received from our customers.

Swift Caravans

Click Here To Visit seen during the 2018 Show: Swift is the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring Caravans, Motorhomes and Holiday Homes. The Group has a turnover of over £200m and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Group has gone from strength to strength in recent years and the workforce has grown to over 1,080 employees. Our head office is based in Cottingham, East Yorkshire and we also have sites at Hedon Road in Hull and Mexborough in South Yorkshire.


Click Here To Visit stabiLens Window set is a compact, lightweight and inexpensive camera/lens support that fits onto car windows. It provides an effective way of smoothly tracking subjects and reducing camera shake induced blur. The stabiLens Window Set supports almost any camera, lens, binocular, or rangefinder thanks to a standard 1/4'' screw. Manufactured in South Africa


Click Here To Visit all new compact, lightweight and highly absorbent MICROFIBRE towel. A leading Australian brand. The highly absorbent microfibre material soaks up large volumes of liquids(absorbs five times its weight in water), but dries much quicker than standard towels preventing the build-up of odour-causing bacteria Ultra compact that packs down to the size of a paperback book.These Towels also act as wind blocks, sun shades, slings and blankets.The SWIM-DRY towel is perfect for deployments, camping, hiking, swimming


Click Here To Visit https://torchsa.comPREMIUM FLASHLIGHT MANUFACTURE Torch SA, a global premium flashlight manufacturer, is proud to introduce a new, defensive take on the popular M18 Maverick. The M18 Striker uses the same compact form of the Maverick, but features a simplified user interface, instant access to 800 lumens, and aggressive bezel for a last-resort defensive tool.

Thule | SA Sport & Cargo

Click Here To Visit Sport & Cargo are the sole importers and distributors for Thule products in South Africa. These items are imported from the Thule Group.

Takla Products

Click Here To Visit Takla Products we manufacture and distribute quality four-wheel drive vehicle accessories. Modern trends in 4x4 design has resulted in interiors that comprise of soft fabrics and luxury finishes. These plush interiors are inconsistent with the outdoor lifestyle orientation of the vehicle, hence the unprecedented popularity in protective covers. In protecting these plush interiors our products offer, improved comfort, practicality and resale value. Established in 1996 Takla Products is currently distributed by over 600 retailers in Southern Africa and supplied as approved accessories by many motor manufacturers.


Click Here To Visit OUTDOOR GEAR - No matter what outdoor adventure you’re embarking on, it is our passion to help you make the best of it. We have been supplying South African customers with high quality outdoor equipment for over 35 years.

TuffCats Off-Road Caravans & Trailers

Click Here To Visit CATS are out of the bag – and ready for some TUFF adventures in the untamed African bush. TuffCats off-road caravans, trailers and campers offer you holidays in the wild with the benefit that you leave only your footprints behind. The Shumba (Shona for ‘lion’) 4x4 caravan is the king of the jungle – ready for the rugged outdoors, but still royal. The Shumba Cub, the smaller caravan, is the successor to the throne. But more than one cat rule the bush, and so the Mbada trailers (Shona for ‘leopard’) are also built for those who prefer their cats leaner and meaner. TuffCats – leave only your footprints.


Click Here To Visit you intend to travel in Africa you have come to the right place. We offer great GPS maps that will navigate you from Cape Town to Cairo. Our map of Africa reflects where people travel and is packed with detail for the self drive traveller. It covers many aspects like where to stay, eat, shopping, fuel, money matters, emergencies and obviously what to see and do when you visit a place. View our online map of Africa to see what level of detail we offer on our GPS maps. Our website contains loads of information on the places you see on our maps. If you are looking for camp site or accommodation in Africa, then simply browse our maps or search the website. In addition to our GPS maps we have recently started to produce paper maps for selected countries in Africa. We currently have a Namibia map, a Botswana map and a map covering Mozambique and Malawi. Our Garmin compatible GPS maps are great for trip planning when used on your PC. You can set up planned routes and calculate how long it would take to reach a destination. Then browse the maps to see where you can sleep, fill up with fuel or buy stuff.


Click Here To Visit have been in the business for the past 15 years our factory is situated in Randburg. Our main line is the manufacture of waterproof seat covers, we have templates for most Pick-up’s, SUV’s delivery vans & trucks on the market which means every set is specifically manufactured for your vehicle, BIG or small, we supply to various dealers as well as the public. We manufacture canvas canopies and frames for pick-up’s as well as canopies and seats for game viewers. We also specialise in building cattle and hunting frames. We have a division that specializes in genuine leather upholstery & re-dying of leather seats as well as doing the complete interior of vehicles. Our furniture upholstery section is doing excellent work, and we also re-upholster boat seats & panels including carpets, engine & boat covers.

Venter Trailers

Click Here To Visit 50 years and stil going strong.

Weg Ry & Sleep

Click Here To Visit en WegRy/Drive Out, twee leiers in hul onderskeie nismarksegmente, saamsmelt in ’n meer omvangryke leefstyltydskrif wat gemik is op kampeerders, woonwa- en 4x4-entoesiaste en avontuurreisigers genaamd Weg Ry & Sleep..

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